Monday, June 29, 2009

applying myself.

So, there has been good news and great news in the life of little ol' LahnnaBell.

Liberty Mutual is still allowing me to collect to get my car fixed. Which means all I have to do is shell out for the deductible, and the rest is set. Mission Hills Collision Center, I heart you. Bella will have an new ass soon. And then shortly thereafter, I become a California citizen.

Got MS Office for little Mac here and I've got a sweet new resume to send out. There are a few positions I'm gunning for and hopefully whoever does the hiring has the good sense to know that I am awesome. I wish you could e-mail an aura. Mine would smell of night-blooming jasmine and radiate sunshine. If only...

I get a phone upgrade next month. Blackberry?

Gonna watch Bleach until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

Much love!

1 comment:

  1. night-blooming jasmine is my FAVORITE smell. ever. so i love your aura. yum.