Tuesday, July 14, 2009

black leather journal v.3

i grow weary of my daily routine. i would travel further every day were it not for the rain. then again it is not as though i have somewhere important to be. calmly waiting under a tree is not a problem.

it is officially spring here. it's raining quite often, thundering and lightning at night. sometimes so loudly my bed shakes. in a way the storms make it feel more and less lonely. rain during the day is intermittent. then a moment later one can hear the birds again.

i was reading in the square today and this little greek boy came up to me. he leaned on my leg and spoke to me in greek. i have no idea what he said or what he wanted. he repeated the same sentence a few times, then ran off. no adult around. i checked my things to make sure he had not taken anything.

it was strange yet simultaneously adorable.

(4/5/07 Greece)

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