Friday, August 28, 2009

The riptide that is my life.

Today was spent sleeping in... Sunlight poured through the slats in the blinds and my mind desperately tried to hang onto some semblance of REM. Too many concerns are rolling around inside my head lately. San Francisco. Money. Him.

Sleep was intermittent as the heat pressed in on the afternoon, cloaking my world in its golden aura. I learned about the authenticity of taco shops over lunch. We spoke in Spanglish.

Later, the beauty of Del Mar and I finally became acquainted. The droves of devoted beach-goers brandishing surf and boogie boards. The happy dogs kicking up sand and surf. We stood side by side in the water, letting its lukewarm ease the summer heat off our bodies.

The waves crashed into me over and over, leaving me exposed for the majority of our stay. But I did not care. The salt water transported me to a time and place that only exists in my mind. A place where I don't have to care about the rest of my life's trivial details. He remained by my side, concerned I would be taken out too far. Only leaving to surf a few waves onto the shore, and then returning. I felt beautiful, standing in the Pacific, water cascading from my cut-off shorts and hair.

I grew tired, constantly recovering from being overtaken by the powerful waves. And so we swam in, huddled in our towels, and ate cherries, watching the sun dip lower. Our sweet snack a complement to the day's sweet endeavors.

After piling into the car, sand, salt, and skin, we headed for home. I cooled his shoulders with my icebox hands and tried not to fall asleep on the ride for fear of missing a moment.

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