Saturday, August 7, 2010

Feeling tipsy?

I am somehow fascinated and frustrated by the long-time tradition that is tipping in the service industry. Becoming a waitress has flared my love-hate relationship with the industry; some days are phenomenally wonderful, some are okay, and some days just downright suck.

Last night was somewhere between wonderful and okay. I began the evening by reorganizing our back stock of to-go cups, boxes, and lids because for some reason they never stay in neat rows, and prepping the barista station. In the midst of that, my boss informed me that our Red Room had a one-hour long reservation for a young man who was going to propose to his girlfriend. At this notice, I set to work on this man's behalf.

I threw champagne on ice and prepared chocolate-covered strawberries for the hopeful bride and groom. I programmed a Michael Bublé song to play at the right moment. And I guarded the lounge to ensure their privacy. Surely enough, she said, "Yes" and was even elated enough to thank me multiple times for making everything so wonderful.

Later on, the young man came to the front to pay his bill. I think the $90 charge surprised him, but with entrées, drinks, a specially prepared dessert, and champagne, it should not have been unexpected. He saw fit to leave me a $5 tip after all the extraordinary service I provided. I am not sure I understand the mentality behind this... Luckily, the bride's friend who had tagged along to play photographer quietly slipped me a $20 for all of my efforts.

I would think that if you were going through with something as important as proposing to the woman you love, you would understand the potential cost of the performance as well. It doesn't have to be a grandiose ordeal, but if you've decided to break out the flowers and champagne, you need to expect to drop a little money.

I don't know about you other ladies, but I pay close attention to how my man treats service staff. If a man wants to wine and dine a woman, he needs to accommodate the staff that is helping him out. The tendency to be cheap, especially when the service has been exceptional, runs deep. If a guy is cheap, then he's cheap, and that is far from impressive in my book.

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  1. My proposal cost a bottle of tequila and an Italian sausage lol. Can we say cheap?? Yes we can. --love Jackie